Transforming Health Technology

As a part of the Mursmedic Group, PT Tetra Solusi Perdana drives medical technology innovation from the industrial hub of Solo. We focus on the research and development of high-tech domestic health products.

Comprehensive Research & Development Service in Medical Device

PT Tetra Solusi Perdana was established in 2023 and is an ecosystem of the Mursmedic Group company. Located in the strategic industrial center of Central Java, Solo city. We are committed to providing comprehensive research and development services, as well as producing high-quality domestic component products.

Technology Acquisition

Patent and brand belongs to Costumer

Turn Key Project

Efficient product realization (from prototype to mass production)

Ensuring Product Acceptance in Indonesian Market

Fulfilment local component

Fully Tested & Validated Product Performance

Ensure the products meets the intended design specifications

Expertise in GMPMD & GDPMD

Facilitate smooth product registration

Relevant and Extensive Network

We offer services to help meet the needs of various institutions, such as:

Explore Our Services, Health Innovation at Your Fingertips

We offer a range of services to meet your needs in medical technology. From research and development to component production, PT Tetra Solusi Perdana is ready to provide the best health solutions. Find out more about how we can assist you on our services page.

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Excellence in Quality and Innovation

With a focus on research and development, our services offer innovative and efficient high-quality health solutions.

Innovative Creations for the Medical World

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